Welcome to Cerulean Designs where we believe design is more than visual communication. It has meaning and passion. Sure it has psychological principles and utilizes persuasive techniques, but design is about trying new things and experimentation. It's about flexibility and thinking outside of the box. It's about finding the most effective visual solution from an infinite selection of possibilities.


Good design communicates a clear message to a desired audience


online graphics

With today's noise in the online marketplace, the ability to stand out becomes not a matter of sufficiency, but of necessity. With creative online branding, let us maximize your online reach while extending the impact of your marketing.

 logos | icons | banners | headers | badges | "shareables" | graphs | charts | promotional advertisements

print graphics

Presentation matters. Whether you're drawing in new customers, impressing current ones, or just hoping for an upgrade, matching collateral sends a consistent professional message. Let us help reinforce your brand's image.

business cards | letterheads | envelops | print advertisements | flyers | posters |  display materials


clothing graphics

Whether you are hosting an event, having a company outing, looking for sports team unity, or even going on tour, having a custom decal or graphic can help let it be remembered. Let us help transform your ideas into a canvas you can wear again and again.

graphic tees | sweatshirts |
jerseys | tanks


online optimization

Information empowers. Social media, blogging, websites--any online presence --is an opportunity to empower a consumer to learn. That doesn't mean a bombarding of advertisements for services, but rather, promoting an availability of helpful content that draws potential customers to reuse you as a resource. Not only should one be cognizant of their online presence and the content they present, but also having a beautiful online presence can be the icing on the cake.

inbound marketing | blogging |  page design | social media, blog, & website maintenance | website optimization

layout arrangement

Establishing content that resonates with your customers requires consistent research to keep up with new material relevant to consumers. Let us help arrange that content into easily digestible materials that is conveniently distributable to your prospective and current clientele.

brochures | magazines | one sheets | invitations | save the date cards |  custom book binding



A background in art allows a fusion of custom illustrations and creative artistic endeavors with the careful planning and strong aesthetic of design. Let us design custom illustrations and artwork to fit your needs, and your style.


Illustrations can be added to any of the above services as needed.

Photo Credit: Tom [born1945] with commercial creative commons license.

Komorebi (木漏れ日) is the Japanese word for the
sunshine that escapes and filters through the trees


With the launch of Cerulean Designs, we're also launching our first campaign: the Komorebi campaign. Without a direct translation, the word roughly translates to the sunshine between the trees. The founder of Cerulean Designs moved from his native New England area to the Northwest for a change and a chance at something new.

Being always fortunate enough to have friends and family to help back on his feet, for some, that opportunity for a fresh start is hard to come across. A series of unfortunate events happen, and the struggle to stay ahead becomes a struggle to get by. Sometimes life becomes out of our control, and it's hard to get back on our feet.  Particularly in the Portland, Oregon area, there are over 4,000 either entirely homeless or in transitional housing, according to a 2013 Point-in-Time by Kristina Smock Consulting [1].

Thus, Cerulean Designs is teaming up with local homeless shelters in the Portland area to give many more the ability for that fresh start. With this campaign, we're launching a graphic tee lineup where 100% of profits go to local shelters. Not only will you be purchasing a fresh new shirt, but you'll be giving some a fresh new start.


Photo Credit: Tom [born1945] with commercial creative commons license.

Photo Credit: Tom [born1945] with commercial creative commons license.